Philippine President Aquino Laments: “I Was Never Given A Honeymoon Period”

image.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – One of Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino’s biggest regrets is that he was never given a ‘honeymoon period.’  So, he is giving incoming President Rodrigo Duterte the benefit of the doubt.

“I’d like to give him what wasn’t given to me—a honeymoon period,” Aquino said of his conscious effort to refrain from commenting on the recent statements of Duterte. He added that he doesn’t want to add to the multitude of voices that could “add to the strain” when one needs to make important decisions.

However, critics of Aquino argued that the lack of a honeymoon period was because of the president’s own doing — or undoing.

He remained a bachelor during his 6 years in office. 

“How can there be a honeymoon,” the critics said.


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