Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Give Starkly Different Answers On How To Ride The New York Subway

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NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Both Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders recently sat down with the editorial board of the Daily News to answer questions on a wide range of issues.

Both candidates, who consider New York their home state, were asked if they ever rode the subway and how it is done.

Here are the transcripts from the interviews:


Daily News: I know you’ve got to go in a second. When was the last time you rode the subway? Are you gonna campaign in the subway?

Sanders: Actually we rode the subway, Mike, when we were here? About a year ago? But I know how to ride the subways. I’ve been on them once or twice.

Daily News: Do you really? Do you really? How do you ride the subway today?

Sanders: What do you mean, “How do you ride the subway?”

Daily News: How do you get on the subway today?

Sanders: You get a token and you get in.

Daily News: Wrong.

Sanders: You jump over the turnstile.

Daily News: We would like our photographer to be there when you jump over the turnstile.


Daily News: Same questions

Clinton: First, the Secret Service makes a sweep of the subway station and train I’m going to be in. Then they escort me to a working elevator. We proceed directly to the station agent gate where the agent has already swung it open. I am then led to the first car of the train which has previously been emptied out of passengers, except for accredited media photographers. And off we go. Easy!

-End of transcript


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