Fierce Rivalry Between Marvel And DC Comics In The Philippines


MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – While worldwide debate rages over the fate of what was supposed to be this summer’s blockbuster movie, Batman Vs Superman, the two major comics companies, Marvel and DC Comics are battling it out for supremacy in the Philippines.

Leave it to Philippine politics to set the stage for the quest to be the home of the  better comics superhero.

DC Comics has recently released its newest superhero, Pacman, inspired by the legendary Filipino champion boxer Manny Pacquiao. Almost simultaneously, Marvel introduced its own new superhero, Pekeman (Fakeman), inspired by former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.

Both Pacquiao and Roxas are candidates in this year’s Philippine elections: Pacquiao is running for a senate seat while Roxas is running for president.

Filipinos love superheroes so the candidates found it fitting to present themselves as such, promising to come to the rescue of an entire population besieged with government corruption, poverty and crime.

It remains to be seen as to which superhero wins the heart of Filipinos and which Comics company will reign supreme in the Philippines.

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