Senator Marco Rubio Is Going Back To His Native Cuba, Thanks President Obama


MIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Marco Rubio said Thursday that he plans to leave the government after the end of his Senate term, and that he’s not interested in being anyone’s Vice President.

“I’m not going to be Vice President,” the Florida Senator told reporters Thursday. “I’m not running for governor of Florida, I’m going to finish out my term in the Senate over the next 10 months… and then I’ll be a private citizen.

By “private citizen,” Rubio means a citizen of Cuba.

“I’m done with the American Dream,” he said, “if American voters, especially the Republicans, don’t want me, then I’m going back to my land of heritage.

The senator, in a very unusual gesture, thanked President Barack Obama for re-opening diplomatic relations with Cuba. “He knows exactly what he’s doing. This will make my transition from American senator to private Cuban citizen much eaiser,” he said.

We wish Rubio all the best.

3 thoughts on “Senator Marco Rubio Is Going Back To His Native Cuba, Thanks President Obama”

  1. If many people who understand the way businesses are carried out in America, go back to Cuba, and are able to get people to invest in productive enterprises on the island; pretty soon the economy could begin to recover and increase the standard of iving for many people; especially if tourism increases as it could, because of the proximity of Cuba to America. It’s a great idea on the part of senator Rubio, going back and helping make out of Cuba a different place.
    But, I doubt that senator Rubio, being politics his main concern, will make that decision.


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