FOX News Scores Big With GOP Presidential Debate Without Trump

imageDES MOINES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles ) – A new Gallup poll conducted minutes after Donald Trump confirmed he would not be participating in the GOP presidential debate in Iowa already shows a winner : FOX News.

Trump’s refusal to join his Republican colleagues Thursday night was prompted by accusations that FOX News was biased against him, especially news anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly.

Of those polled, 98 percent said they would be watching a Trump-less debate, compared with only 16 percent who would be watching if Trump were among the candidates on stage in Des Moines.

Ever since Trump announced his presidential bid, FOX News ratings have consistently plummeted because viewers didn’t want to hear any news about the billionare candidate or his stupid ideas. Television news audiences — Republicans included — have been turning to ‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah which has been airing endless segments making fun of Trump.

Tomorrow’s debate could significantly bring back FOX News loyal viewers who have strayed away. And then some.



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