HOLLYWOOD, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Yesterday, we reported that the new season series of ‘The Muppets’ will premiere next Tuesday on ABC with additional new cast featuring 12 of the Republican presidential candidates.

One candidate, Cuban American Marco Rubio, was left out of the cast.

Upon seeing the promo for the new “Muppets” with the faces of his fellow Republican candidates, Rubio immediately cried ‘foul’ and accused ABC of racial discrimination. ‘They invited and cast all the leading Republican presidential candidates except myself, a Latino,’ Rubio said. ‘What is ABC’s beef with a Cuban American?’image

ABC executives responded to Rubio, saying that the new show only had room for 12 people, considering that it already had a cast of dozens of puppets.

But  today, ABC seemed to have found its way out of Rubio’s complaint. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry just announced that he was dropping out of the presidential race, creating a vacancy in The Muppets cast.

So Rubio is in.  All is well that ends well!

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