Emma Stone plays the role of Allison Ng in the newly-released film, “Aloha”

HOLLYWOOD, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Cameron Crowe, director of ‘Aloha,’ is finally breaking his silence and is responding to the long list of criticism regarding the absence of Asians and Pacific Islanders in this newly-released film set in Hawaii.

Native Hawaiians are protesting the use of their most sacred and revered word as the title of the film which had nothing to do with the local culture. Asian Americans have also criticized the fact that the stellar cast of ‘Aloha’ does not include a single Asian American actor. The most recent criticism of the film is that a white actress (Emma Stone) was cast as Allison Ng who is supposed to be part Hawaiian and part Chinese.

Crowe did not address the choice of the film’s title but mentioned that Stone’s character was supposed to be also part Swedish. More importantly, Crowe said that “No Hawaiians or Asians were harmed during the filming of ‘Aloha,’ so what’s the big deal?”

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