imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  For the first time since the Philippines gained full sovereignty from the United States in 1946, Filipinos will be given the chance to determine their country’s future.

A joint session of the Philippine Congress has approved a resolution calling for a national referendum on whether or not the former American colony should become the 51st state of the U.S. of A.

The referendum will coincide with the country’s 2016 presidential elections.

While the results of the referendum will  not be legally binding, it will send a clear message to the United States about how the Filipinos think of their own government, and of Uncle Sam.

The power to accept any territory or country into the Union rests with the United States Congress.

If approved by the Filipino people through the referendum and favorably acted upon by the U.S. Congress, the Philippines will become the 51st or 52nd state.

Previously, Puerto Rico, in a similar nonbinding referendum, voted 61% to 33% for statehood, while the remaining 6% favored outright independence. Puerto Rico is one of the U.S. territories, along with Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands,  American Samoa and the Northern Marianas.

If the Philippines becomes a state of the U.S., whomever is elected president in 2016 will automatically become governor of the new state.

Already the campaign for statehood has been launched through an online petition with 7,000 signatures so far.


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  2. Oh, Hell no. Congress will never approve it. Increase the population of the USA by 1/6 with the strike of a pen, accepting an ethnic group that share very few of our values, culture, tradition and history? Not on your life.

    And suppose we did accept the Philippines as a state. There are 49 million filipinos. The day after this goes into effect 49 million of them will move to California. Nope. Not a good idea.


    1. You’re looking at it from only one side of the coin, just imagine the strategic advantage the Philippines would give us in the Pacific, meaning America is now a big player in the region, along with Guam and Hawaii, the Chinese would be put more on notice and on check, our military would grow also with almost 100 million new American citizens, our army will benefit from the extra man power, our naval bases will also benefit having a new naval base certainly built and put on the Philippines also more air bases for our air force, and huge tourism boosts to our own economy as millions travel to the Philippines each year. Sure many Filipinos will need help and get on Welfare, foodstamps, social security, and medicaid and medicare, but that won’t hurt us because we can make more money with the Philippines than will be losing.


    2. Can you quote any reference in regards to your argument? Perhaps your rhetoric is anecdotal and not evidenced- based. Look at Hawaii Islands who was recently became the 50th US state and remains partially a Polynesian in culture and language.


  3. No they won’t. The governor of the new state will be elected by the people of the Philippines. In turn, the governor will have semi-autonomous power over the Philippines .


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