Marlisa, left, and Rose Fostanes
Marlisa, left, and Rose Fostanes

Los Angeles California (The Adobo Chronicles) – The producers of the internationally-syndicated reality show The X Factor have issued new rules on eligibility for contestants. Henceforth, only native-born citizens will be allowed to join the singing contest in the country in which the show is being held. Only native-born U.S. citizens for X Factor America, native-born Australian citizens for X Factor Australia, native-born Israeli citizens for X Factor Israel, and so on.  The rules also state that both parents of the contestants must also be native-born citizens.

The decision came immediately after 15-year-old Marlisa Punzalan won the grand finals in this season’s X Factor Australia, beating fellow Australians Dean Ray and Brothers 3. Although Marlisa was born in Australia, both her parents were born in the Philippines.

Just months ago, a Filipina caregiver in Tel Aviv, Rose Fostanes, won the first X Factor Israel. Other Filipinos have figured prominently and became finalists in other reality singing competitions in the U.S., U.K., Bulgaria and other countries. Many will recall that Pinay singer Jessica Sanchez was runner-up in American Idol.

“We know Filipinos are among the best singers in the world, but we wanted to showcase other world talents and that’s why we have established X Factor in different countries outside of the U.S. or the U.K.,” the producers said.

The Philippines has its own X Factor syndicated show in Manila.

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