t1larg.bikingSacramento, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law requiring motorists to keep a buffer of three feet (1 yard) from bicyclists when passing by or slowing down.  Drivers will have to maintain the space to avoid getting fined for a violation.

The California Legislature  passed the Three Feet for Safety Act which became effective as of Tuesday, Sept. 16, in the State of California and has been passed in a bid to keep cyclists safe. Statistics reveal that over 150 cyclists were killed in the state in 2012.

A fine print in the new law also requires all motorists to carry with them a tape measure or a yardstick at all times so that they can accurately measure the required buffer between their cars and the cyclists.

A San Francisco motorist complained that with the high cost of car maintenance, insurance and gasoline, the tape measure or yardstick requirement is yet another expense that will cause a burden to motorists.  “I am seriously considering selling my car and just take public transportation,” he said. “I just want to first be assured that MUNI and BART will always run on schedule because I cannot afford to be late for work.”

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