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imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – After just ten days since his sold-out concert in Manila, Grammy Award-winning singer Chris Brown has been invited back to the Philippines. Brown is currently in Israel as part of his concert tour.

The unprecedented invitation came from no less than Leila De Lima, Secretary of the Philippines’ Department of Justice (DOJ).  It came in the form of a subpoena.

DOJ has issued a subpoena against Brown for allegedly defrauding a Christian church out of $1 million after he canceled a performance at a New Years Eve event and failed to return the money.

Brown’s name appears on the subpoena along with Canadian promoter John Michael Pio Roda after a $1 million estafa complaint was filed due to the singer skipping a scheduled musical performance for the Church of Christ in the Philippines, which is called Iglesia ni Cristo, on Dec. 31, 2014, at the Philippine Arena. Brown and Roda were reportedly paid $1 million in advance and canceled without paying any of the money back.

Ahead of the subpoena being issued, Brown, 26, was performing in Manila and was initially barred from leaving the Philippines on July 21 because of the complaint that was filed. While he was finally cleared to leave the country by the Bureau of Immigration on July 24, Roda was not.

Roda is planning a return concert for Brown as soon as he arrives back in Manila.  The concert will be held at the Philippine Arena. Concert proceeds will help fund the court case that will ensue as a result of the DOJ invitation.

It remains to be seen whether or not the upcoming concert will be able to raise the $1 Million that Brown owes Iglesia Ni Cristo, and then some.


During good times: Binay, left, and Aquino
During good times: Binay, left, and Aquino

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – In the United States, whenever the president delivers his State of the Union Address (SOTU), the opposing political party designates someone to deliver an official response. That has not been the case with the Philippines’ State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Until now.

The Office of the Vice President, Jejomar Binay, has announced that he will be delivering a TSONA — Totoong State of the Nation Address (True State of the Nation Address) after President Aquino delivers his SONA on July 27.

It is common knowledge that unlike in the U.S., the Philippines’ president and vice president don’t necessarily have to belong to the same political party, as is the case with Aquino and Binay. Voters vote for prez and VP separately.

Binay had a falling out with Aquino recently, prompting the vice president to resign from his cabinet position. Since then, Binay has been attacking the Aquino administration, its policies and failures.

Binay has declared that he was running for president in 2016.  Aquino, meanwhile, is expected to announce soon who he is endorsing as his party’s nominee for president.

SONA or TSONA, it will be a classic case of he said, he said.


Brown, left, and Madonna
Brown, left, and Madonna

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Just days after she announced she was holding a one-day-only concert in Manila in February next year, Madonna said she was cancelling the Philippine leg of her Rebel Heart tour.

The shocking announcement came on the heels of the departure hold order for American Chris Brown, who was in Manila for a one-day concert this week.  Brown’s departure was stopped by Philippine immigration authorities in connection with a complaint filed against the him for allegedly defrauding a concert promoter earlier this year. Brown failed to show up for a scheduled New Year’s eve concert at the Philippine Arena after being paid $1 Million in advance.

Madonna sympathized with Brown and said that what happened to the singer is an insult to the freedom and integrity of international performers. She said she was afraid that the same thing might happen to her when she visits Manila for the first time next year.

Madonna fans were extremely distraught over the news as they were preparing to purchase their tickets which go on sale on July 26.  Ticket prices ranged from P3,150 to P57,750 ($71 to $1,312).