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imageSeattle, Washington - NFC Champions Seattle Seahawks have a lot of making up to do, and it’s not with the San Francisco 49ers, but with Filipinos.

In their season game against the Minnesota  Vikings late last year, the Seahawks attempted to show the world their humanitarian concern by having Doug Baldwin, who is part Filipino, carry the Philippine flag as the team entered the stadium. It was a show of solidarity with the Filipino people following Typhoon Haiyan which killed thousands and left thousands more injured and homeless.  There was one problem: Baldwin carried the Philippine flag upside down with the red stripe on top. The red stripe on top, instead of the blue, meant that the Philippines was at war which, clearly, it was not.

Now that the Seahawks are in the Superbowl, they announced that they will reprise their criticized entrance when they enter the New York stadium. This time, Baldwin will carry the Philippine flag the correct way, with the blue stripe on top.

One hundred million Filipinos will be watching. Go Seahawks!

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  1. It’s an honest mistake. Publicity or not, and from the way he apologize, I guess he can be “forgiven.”

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